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Terms and Conditions

ToyHouse LLC Terms & Conditions - Updated August 1st, 2020

A signed and emailed copy of your Reseller Certificate/State Tax ID/Business License is required before access to our ToyHouse LLC online shop to place your order.

Pricing and promotions are subject to change without notice.

We only carry and ship full master cartons in our warehouse.

The  shipping and logistics fees are calculated during your order process.  The shipping and logistics fees are aligned  with the industry.  The shipping charge to align with the shipping rates by your state as seen below.  This fee is non negotiable as it is a cost of doing business.  We will communicate all final charges via email and will be located in your account portal of our website. Shipping and Logistics fees are non negotiable as it is a cost of doing business. 


Shipping and logistics fees are calculated by zones by state.   These zones are calculated within industry standards and non-negotiable as this is a cost of doing business.  

Payment authorization will occur at time of placing an order.

Credit Card is the only method of payment (unless otherwise discussed with ToyHouse owner for product and taken at the time of placing the order) The delivery date is clearly defined when placing the order upon checkout and will be within 30 days as required by credit card terms. If we cannot ship to the promised time (or within 30 days as stated by the FTC) you will be notified of delay provided a revised shipment date and have the right to cancel the order and get a full and prompt refund.

 We do not have spare parts or pieces in our inventory. Please refer to LEGO replacement parts website

 Order minimum is $500.00 per shipping location.

 All Backorders will be cancelled, and a new order will need to be placed by the customer.

All sales are final.

It is not the policy to offer our products on guaranteed sale.


ToyHouse LLC announces a UNILATERAL MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (MAP) for the LEGO® brand EFFECTIVE January 1st, 2020

 As the exclusive Distributor for the LEGO brand for Specialty and Independent retailers in the US marketplace, ToyHouse LLC representing the LEGO® brand is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative building systems, has taken the utmost care, and devoted substantial resources toward cultivating positive consumer recognition of the LEGO® brand. In order to maintain this brand position and ensure high quality presentation of these premium products, on behalf of the LEGO® brand, ToyHouse LLC unilaterally adopts this Unilateral Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“Policy”). 

  1. This Policy applies to all retailers of LEGO® products, including but not limited to in- store retailers, catalog retailers, and internet retailers.
  2. The Policy shall apply to certain LSI and LBRI products identified in the attached Schedule A (the “Products”). This Policy does not apply to other LEGO® products or product lines. Schedule A also includes a suggested minimum advertised price (the “UMAP Price”) for each Product. Toyhouse LLC  reserve the right to amend Schedule A from time to time and may alter the Products and/or the UMAP Price at their sole discretion.
  3. All retailers remain free to establish their own resale prices. ToyHouse LLC also remain free to refuse to deal with any retailer.
  4. ToyHouse LLC have unilaterally decided that they will refuse to deal with any retailer that advertises any of the Products below the applicable UMAP Price. Under the Policy, “advertising” includes creating, producing, publishing or otherwise being responsible for any off-premises advertising (including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, print ads, flyers, direct mail pieces, television, radio and the Internet) that advertises any of the Products at a price below the applicable UMAP Price. This Policy includes advertising of any rebates, membership discounts, banner discounts, store-wide or department sales (20% off, buy-one-get-one-50% off), gift card advertised to be used at time of purchase which can be interpreted as an advertisement to sell Products below UMAP pricing, or any other advertised discount on the Products. Upon verifying that a retailer has advertised a Product off-site below the applicable UMAP Price, ToyHouse LLC will unilaterally suspend shipments of that Product to the retailer at any and all retailer locations.
  5. ToyHouse LLC will not sell the violating Product to a retailer described in paragraph 4 for at least 180 calendar days. During that time, purchase orders from that retailer for that Product, for any location, will not be honored. The retailer may continue to order, and ToyHouse LLC will continue to sell, other LEGO® products and styles that have not been advertised off-site in violation of this Policy. After 180 calendar days have passed, ToyHouse LLC may unilaterally decide to resume shipments of the Product to the retailer, subject, however, to ToyHouse LLC usual, confidential practices for allocating scarce product.
  6. Any decision to reinstate a retailer’s ability to purchase a Product after the retailer has advertised that Product off-site below the applicable UMAP Price will be at the sole discretion of ToyHouse LLC. ToyHouse LLC do not ask for, and will not accept, any assurances of future compliance with this Policy as a condition of reinstatement. If ToyHouse LLC determines that there is a high frequency of violations, ToyHouse LLC, at their sole discretion, may terminate all shipments to that retailer. 
  1. No exceptions will be made to this Policy for any reason, including, but not limited to, mistake, de-listing (in individual or chain-wide), markdowns, “all product” sales, closeouts, store-closings, BOGOs, % Offs, gift cards with purchase, banner ads, storewide coupons, coupons not supplied by the manufacturer, etc. The Products cannot be advertised off-site at any price below UMAP.
  2. ToyHouse LLC has adopted this Policy unilaterally. ToyHouse LLC neither solicits, nor will they accept, any assurance of compliance with this Policy. ToyHouse LLC will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this Policy, as it is non- negotiable and will not be altered for any retailer. Nothing in this Policy shall constitute an agreement between ToyHouse LLC and any retailer that the retailer will comply with this policy.
  3. ToyHouse LLC will not respond to questions or comments from one retailer about the activities or advertising of any other retailer. It is neither the duty nor the role of any retailer to attempt to enforce this Policy against another retailer.
  4. ToyHouse LLC reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue this Policy in whole or in part at any time and without notice. The Policy may not apply to any LEGO®- sponsored promotions or rebates, as designated by the LEGO company or ToyHouse LLC from time to time in their sole discretion.
  5. This is the latest version of the ToyHouse LLC policy and supersedes all previous Minimum Advertised Price policies. This Policy shall remain in effect unless ToyHouse LLC amends or replaces it. Absent such change or withdrawal, this Policy shall be in force until otherwise communicated.
  6. This Policy does not apply in any way to a retailer’s actual setting of retail prices. Each retailer remains free to set its actual resale price for LEGO® products, in the retailer’s sole discretion. Accordingly, this Policy does not apply to any point-of-sale signs, stickers, hangtags, or barcodes and similar in-store markings on products or product packaging that merely state the retail prices at which LEGO® products may be purchased. Similarly, this Policy does not apply to the actual sales price on any “check- out page” of any retailer’s website and/or related Internet site (typically the page at which the end user finally purchases the Product).
  7. ToyHouse LLC believes this Policy is clear and unambiguous. Except as set forth below, ToyHouse LLC employees are not authorized to discuss this Policy with any retailer. Employees do not have any authority to modify or grant exceptions to this Policy. Should you have any inquiries regarding this Policy, however, please direct them in writing to ToyHouse LLC, PO Box 443, Mystic, CT 06355 or at

Schedule A: Products


ToyHouse LLC Terms and Conditions Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ’s”)

 Note that these FAQs are illustrative only, and to the extent there is any conflict, the Policy controls.


Q: Are all forms of advertising covered by the Policy?

 A: All forms of off-site advertising are covered (not in-store).


Q: Are all SKU’s/products covered by the Policy?

 A: No. Only the SKU’s listed in the Policy.


 Q: What if my printed weekly circular advertises a SKU price below the UMAP Price?

A: You are in violation of the Policy.


 Q: How often are the UMAP SKU’s updated in the Policy?

 A: They are updated at the unilateral discretion of ToyHouse LLC.


Q: Can I advertise a price higher than your UMAP Price without violating the Policy?

A: Yes.


Q: What types of advertising does the Policy prohibit?

 A: This Policy prohibits advertising a Product below the UMAP Price, in any form, including, but not limited to any rebates, membership discounts, banner discounts, store-wide or department sales (e.g. 25% off, buy-one-get-one-50% off), gift cards or any other advertised discount on the Products. These prohibitions also include, but are not limited to, the following situations: 

  • On-line advertisement of a discount (e.g. $10 off upon in-store pickup), if subtracting the $10 from the advertised price would reduce the Product price below the UMAP Price
  • Advertising a discount (e.g. $10 off upon purchase above a certain monetary threshold such as $30 or $40), where subtracting the discount ($10) from the advertised price would reduce the Product price below the UMAP Price;
  • A banner ad advertising a discount on Products if the discount would reduce Product price below the UMAP Price;
  • A store wide coupon advertising a discount (e.g. 25% off everything in the store) if the Products are advertised together with the coupon and the advertised coupon would reduce the Product price below UMAP Price;
  • A generic “$5 Off” a certain category of LEGO sets (e.g., Star Wars), where some of the products are covered by the MAP Policy and some of them are not if the Products are advertised together with the generic offer and the advertised offer would reduce the Product price below the UMAP Price; and/or
  • Any combination of the above.


Q: What types of advertising are permitted? 

  • “We have the lowest prices”; “Will meet or beat any competitors price”; “Call for Price.” Note that advertisements submitted to ToyHouse LLC for proofing will not include proofing of prices contained in the advertisements.
  • Advertising a Gift Card with purchase is permitted as long as:
    • The advertised Gift Card is not advertised to apply to this specific purchase transaction of LEGO® products, it must be advertised to apply to a future purchase
    • The advertised Gift Card is offered/redeemable on all products sold by that Retailer (not just LEGO® products)
    • Subtracting the value of the gift card from the advertised price would not reduce the Product price below UMAP (e.g. equivalent of 25% off versus 20%)


Q: What if we mistakenly list a SKU below the UMAP Price on the Internet?

 A: The Policy does not permit us to determine whether an advertisement was a “mistake” or not. Accordingly, the Policy will apply according to its clear terms.


 Q: What if I have been cited for more than one SKU violation of the Policy?

A: The Policy will apply according to its clear terms for each SKU.


 Q: What if we repeatedly violate the Policy?

 A: A frequent violator of the Policy risks losing the privilege of selling our products and potentially being terminated as an account


 Q: What if we promise not to do it again?

 A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept such promises nor do we ask you to promise to comply. Reinstatement is a decision made unilaterally by ToyHouse LLC.


 Q: Does this Policy apply to the actual sale price of the products?

A: No. Every retailer is free to establish any sale price that they choose. This policy applies to the price at which the UMAP Products are advertised on the internet, including all advertised discounts and rebates. The Policy does not apply to the actual sales price reflected on any “shopping cart page” of the website.


 Q: What if another retailer advertises a product below the UMAP Price and we match this advertised price in store?

 A: This would not be a violation of the Policy, as long as you do not also advertise this price outside your store yourself.


 Q: What if I find someone else is advertising on the Internet below UMAP Pricing?

A: We do not ask for, nor will we accept, complaints from a retailer about another retailer’s advertised prices on the internet.


 Q: Can my salesperson explain this to me or help me appeal a Policy decision?

 A: No. We believe the policy is clear and unambiguous. Employees do not have authority to modify or grant exceptions to this Policy. Should you have any inquiries regarding this Policy, however, please direct them in writing to




Please note: ToyHouse LLC reserves the right to change their policies at any given time.